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Post by Ensayn1 on Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:21 am

Base Identification Data-
Name: Claire Drakos
Chrono-Age: 35
Race:  Biomod
Gender ID:  Female
Sexuality:  Normally: Homosexual / In Heat: Yes
Character Psyche Details-

Salvaging: Claire loves what she does, and enjoys exploring old derelicts for less obvious treasures that the dumber looters or pirates that pillaged the vessel before her might have entirely overlooked. She enjoys finding valuable things to keep for herself in addition to whatever a contract or rumor tells her she might find on board her next prize.
Affection: Claire is a very emotional person, and being such a heavily biomodded transhuman she has found that she attracts many wary looks or those of outright disgust, despite the fact that she doesn't even know if she chose to be the way she is. Therefore when she finds someone that shows interest in her or even is simply able to look past her biomodding she showers them with affection and finds herself hoping for the same in return.

Enclosed Spaces: While Claire doesn't have claustrophobia or any outright fear or aversion to tight spaces, her large size makes it difficult and even physically uncomfortable for her to maneuver around spaces designed for an average human. Being in an enclosed corrider or small room general requires her to have her wings pulled tightly against her back which quickly grows uncomfortable for her.

Vegetables: Claire isn't sure why, but she can't stand eating vegetables and can even get sick from consuming them. She suspects it has something to do with her biomodding. Her diet is entirely carnivorous, and any attempts to diversify her diet is met with stubborn resistance.

Her Origins: Suffering from amnesia means that Claire isn't entirely sure where she came from or why she is so biomodded. She has recurring nightmares that she believes might have something to do with where she came from, but they're far too inconsistent for her to be sure. Either way, she's constantly scared of whatever truth is behind why she is the way she is.

Strength: Claire isn't a very strong person emotionally, and she is hoping that somehow she'll find the strength she needs to be able to face her past and find out exactly what happened to her. She knows in her current state based on her reactions to the nightmares she experiences that she isn't prepared to face whatever happened to her yet.

Claire has a subconcious habit of hoarding items that she likes, especially if they're shiny. With her life as a salvager she always comes across neat trinkets or small items that she collects and hoards on her ship. She won't allow anyone to touch or remove items from her hoard for any reason, and doing so would trigger a potentially violent reaction from her.

Height:  7'2"
Weight:  280 lbs.
Hair:  Silver
Eye Color: Blue

Style: A description of the character's style.   This much tends to transcend favored body and is more of a psyche thing,  but it can vary from body to body.   How do they dress?  How do they do their hair?  What are their favored colors?  Are they a fan of jewelry? 

Beyond the extensive biomodification that so heavily affected her appearance, she has a variety of other mods that work to support the unnatural body. Her bones and muscles are all far denser and stronger than a typical Transhuman to support her massive frame and the weight she carries around. Her metabolism is also at a far higher rate than typical, requiring her to eat larger meals far more frequently than average. As a result of her dense body and incredibly high metabolic rate she generates excess body heat and runs at a temperature that would feel almost uncomfortably warm to the touch.

Face Claim: Tsubasa Ryuuji

World Integration Details-
Affiliation:  Independant Contractor

RP Sample: A sample writing using your character,  a window into your character's life and a trial run for you to show a bit of them in action.  This isn't necessarily in a format as though you were posting with someone since by nature you don't have others to interact with.
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