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Erin Finch UfmICvj

Erin Finch

Base Identification Data-

Name:  Erin Finch

Chrono-Age:  27 years old

Race:  Biomod Transhuman

Gender ID:  Male/Female

Sexuality:  Erin, when a male, is a fan of women. While he does tend to prefer someone around his own height, he doesn’t discriminate much among good looking women. As for what he defines as a good looking woman? It’s hard to explain really. Just a note though, Erin is quite a sucker for a good looking ass, finding it hard to look away at times.

As a female, however, Erin tends to be a little on the fence. While it’s still the same mind in the body, the change in the original body causes some different urges that Erin normally doesn’t feel. While a female, she still likes women, but there is the occasional flare for a man.


Character Psyche Details-

Personality:  When it comes to a free spirit, look no further than Erin Finch. He never seems to take much of anything seriously. He cracks jokes, laughs loudly, and tends to make the occasional pun, even during more tense moments, or when it would be best to be a little more professional. His temper never seems to show up, always keeping himself cool under the collar. Things just don’t seem to weigh on his mind for long.

As a free spirit, Erin has a tendency to resist people having control of some kind over him. He’s never great when it comes to following orders, but seems to get things down in his own way when need be. He does have a tendency to show a little more respect when it comes to someone that treats him better, he tends to find ways to not be under someone’s thumb.

Erin is always a curious mind, often to a fault. He has a sense of recklessness when it comes to exploring. His mind just seems to wonder at loads of possibilities when meet with something mysterious. He’d be that guy to stick his arm into some hole that could easily be a trap, or worse.

Far from being remotely shy, Erin rarely finds himself in any situation that could be considered embarrassing. Most incidents that would count for something embarrassing would have to be something along the lines of having his pants pulled down in public.

As an older brother, Erin is typically protective of his little sister, even if they only share the same dad. His concern for her can often turn into his weakness, letting things involving her get under his skin or cause him to act without thinking.

Should Erin ever become in an aggravated state, it becomes quite apparent. The normal fun loving, wise cracking Erin becomes silent. He’s filled with just a quiet rage as his brow furrows.  He becomes much more malicious, every action becoming more deliberate instead of his normal carefree, taking-things-as-they-come personality.


  • Exploration:  Erin loves to explore. The feeling of seeing something no one else has for the first time is invigorating. The feeling of being able to say that it was you that discovered it, or even named it, is just something that Erin would love to be able to do or feel. It’s a one of a kind feeling.

  • Gambling: Erin tends to have a bit of an issue when it comes to gambling his money. While it’s not a huge issue, Erin does find himself betting money on things others wouldn’t. Where the real issue can come from is how Erin tends bet things other than money at times. It tends to leave him in some sticky situations.

  • Trying new foods: A bit like his love of exploring, Erin is known to always try out new food. It doesn’t matter how nasty it might look to him, he’ll slurp it down. He knows that sometimes things aren’t always what they seem, and nine times out of ten, he winds up finding himself something else to think about cooking.


  • Authority figures: Erin has never been one to follow an order. Who is anyone that should be able to tell him what he can and can’t do? He’s always resistant to being commanded and controlled. While there are the occasional people he does listen to, those that have earned his respect, it’s just something that never sits well with him; even though he might not show any resistance in his voice or how he acts, he’s definitely resisting.

  • People seeing the transformation: While it’s hard to embarrass Erin, he hates for someone to see the transformation between genders. While he’s not ashamed of being either gender, he just doesn’t like that fact that he can’t stably stay as a single gender. It makes him feel like he’s a freak in a way. It’s not something that anyone else can do. It doesn’t feel natural.

  • Losing a bet: The flip side to gambling. Who doesn’t like to win after all? Definitely not Erin. The pure idea of something like winning a lot of money, or whatever he may have betted on, just slipping out of his fingers is almost painful being so close. It does tend to kill his mood a little bit, but he tries to keep away from being a sore loser.


  • Losing his freedom: Erin is always worried about the mere possibility of having his freedoms taken away from him. It’s a common free, but for Erin it’s much more. Being a slave to a member of the midnight society, he’s had it happen already. He hates every bit of it, having no control over his own life.

  • Failing to save his sister: Like Erin, his sister was taken into slavery by the same person. While he was able to escape, he wasn’t able to save his sister. It was hard for him to do something like that, but he had to get away or he’d never have another chance. He desperately wants to save her, and it comes up in his mind every now and then.

  • Hunted: While some biomods are considered to be freaks and hunted, it’s not everyday people that Erin is afraid of being hunted by. His former owner still covets after him, and he lives in constant fear that one day he’ll wake up with his ship’s alarm blaring and looking out to see the ship he had been kept as a slave on.


  • Saving his sister: One of the biggest things that drives Erin is saving his sister. He failed to get her out with him, and it hurts him greatly to think about it. He’s always on the lookout for any information on her or on her captor’s fleet. This does tend to make him a little desperate when it comes to finding her, often going on false information that leads him on wild goose chases or even traps.

  • Exploring: While this takes a back seat to his main goal, Erin does love finding new things out there. The universe is large and full of things that would blow people’s minds, and he wants to see it all one day.


  • Puns: Mhm. Problem?

  • Up and coming cook: Erin is steadily showing that he is becoming a better and better cook with every meal he does.



Height:  5’7”

Weight:  132 pounds

Hair:  Blonde and wavy, reaches down slightly, but he keeps it short enough so it never reaches his shoulders while he is a male.

When turned into a female, her hair grows out quite a ways, reaching all the way down to her waist; however, she does keep her color, golden blonde.

Physique:  Erin is far from the most physically imposing man you’d meet.  He’s pretty short in stature, but does boast a fair amount of muscle on his bones. He has enough to pull off most athletic feats, but won’t wow anyone with strength, being more of a light on his feet fellow. He has light blue eyes that almost have a shine to them, and his skin is fairly smooth, other than a few small scars here and there on his left arm and leg; he oddly doesn’t remember how they even got there. Most women would say Erin can look like quite the charmer at times, even though he is a tad bit on the short side. His skin is a pleasant mix of tone, not quite tanned, but still having some color in his cheeks. Lastly, while using his abilities, Erin develops small light blue patches below his eyes, signaling him building up power. They typically don’t stick around for long, and in most out of combat scenarios, he won’t have them.

Erin, in terms of a woman, is actually quite muscular. While not a female body builder type, she definitely could win more than one fist fight against other ladies. Her former body became much curvier, filling out to almost D sized in the chest along with wide, curvy hips. Her skin is completely smooth from her other’s, the scars even disappearing from her arms and legs. Lastly, her eyes change colors from Erin’s light blue, becoming a soft purple.

Style: When not on the job, Erin has quite the fine taste. He has been known to sport quite eye catching cloths from time to time ( A fine jewel here and there, a savvy jackets, it has some kind of class to it, Erin wouldn’t mind having it.


Sex Changer • - Typically, the change is very quick, occurring over just a few moments, and can tend to be a little painful for the quicker changes, with his bones and organs moving quickly. The change can be brought on and effected by several ways. Naturally, Erin’s body will change sex on its own now, occurring once every week, and is the slowest transformation of the bunch, actually occurring in his sleep. The change can be ‘locked’ in place using a good shock to the body,  keeping the same sex in place for some time, last for over a month. This change cannot be influenced by the normal cycle and ignores other factors during this time. The change can also be induced by chemicals commonly found in drugs and alcohol. These changes aren’t fast, but can occur while awake. It should be noted, however, that these induced changes only reset the timer, and staying in to long of a drunken, or drug fueled state can leave his body quite confused and get the two bodies mixed together. Typically a shock of electricity fixes this. Should Erin become pregnant in his female form, he is locked into that form until giving birth.

Anti-Aging •••• - Erin does not show very much in terms of aging. After hitting 17, his body has kept about the same age, even his other form appears the same age. It will take quite some time for his body to show any signs of aging.

Anti-Disease •• - Erin is resistant to most common viruses, but has only a mild resistance to venom and poisons, meaning he'll still feel the effect of the toxin, but it shouldn't kill him.

Temperature Resistance •• - Erin resists temperatures of 100 (F) to -20 (F) without any extra protective clothing or equipment.

Energy Efficiency • - Erin can go two months without food, two week without water, a week without sleeping, or air for two hours with relative ease.

Persistence of Function ••• - Erin's body has systems that keep everything working even if something breaks.

Grid Access • - While Erin does have Grid Access, he does not know anything about it, nor that he can even connect to the grid.

Reinforced Biology ••• - Erin's body is reinforced.  Stronger muscle tissue,  stronger bones,  everything about his biology is reinforced.

BlackBox Backup. • - Erin's body has a BlackBox,  which triggers the release of his psyche into the Virtual Reality,  the Afterlife,  in the case of bodily death,  and provides live updates to the nearest Datacore.

Face Claim: Ezreal; League of Legends. Yang Xiao Long;  RWBY.
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