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Race Information

These are the races of Transhumanity,  human-origin and alien alike.  Below the short racial description is recommended attributes or "Mods" that are standard for the race,  but do not come free with the race.  They are not required, but suggested unless otherwise stated.  Not taking them means you are missing racial traits,  such as an elf in fantasy who happens to age just as fast as a normal human and is clumsy instead of graceful.   

Any descriptions on societal interactions can vary wildly from system to system. 

The many forms of Humanity:

Transhumanity is the current state of humanity.   They are the base human race.  Transhumanity is much longer lived,  healthier,  less prone to diseases,  utilizes energy more efficiently,  is more durable,  has more stamina,  and heals much faster in addition to various smaller specialized augmentations that may have been included.
A Transhuman needs only to sleep once every 6 days,   can live off 1 cup a week though only four days without a meal to remain healthy.   Unless they over eat,  3 meals a day,  they don't... relieve themselves.
They can heal from a severe gash down the length of their arm in roughly 24 hours and can survive concussive blows to the chest or head fairly well unless the blunt force broke through to crush the organ in question.   A severed limb can eventually regrow given a year,  or a gouged out eye in a few months.  Childbirth is painless,  though many are incapable of having children if they turned on birth control before the lost ages, with the knowledge of how to turn it off unavailable to them now.   Transhumans don't scar or develop skin defects,  and they do not age.  Men stop aging at 30 while women stop aging at 20 with exceptions.    Current transhumanity cannot control when they stop aging,  so anyone who stopped later or earlier is someone from before the lost age still living to this day who set such a limit. 


Race and Group information L0eIoZa Race and Group information 3r9tFKo
Race and Group information IyUYaZC Race and Group information F2zvMzP

Biomods are transhumans who went above and beyond the base augmentations to the point that they can be mistaken as entirely different races.  The exact nature of a biomod can vary greatly,  but can be everything from a werewolf to a person who's arm or some other feature is clearly monstrous or inhuman.  
They usually retain all the benefits of transhumanity,  but extreme changes can make them differ dramatically often based on the entertainment of their time and what was popular,  whether it be cat ears and tails to looking like a werewolf. 
Biomods are fairly wide spread as biomods can usually reproduce and make others like them,  potentially being completely different races that are just classified as biomod.    Most present day transhumanity doesn't know the term "Biomod" so they are in the dark on where these species come from,  but they are often a problem as many biomods are the result of forced evolutionary viruses or Bioplagues that can spread mutations like a disease and turn a peaceful town into a bloodstained ghost town full of ghouls or werewolves and other abominations.
Less harmful biomods are simply inhuman,  and could even include fantasy races such as orcs or even fairies. 
In general,  most biomods are regarded as sub-human if not actively hunted.

A "Biomod" can be any sort of living race you desire and as such you can make up what sort of special racial traits you have.


Race and Group information YznnEjY Race and Group information TYe8id5
Race and Group information CX1f8Uk Race and Group information NJoSAMb

Hardmods are transhumans who are dramatically modified not through mutations or genes,  and are instead heavily modified through cybernetics and other technologies.   A Hardmod could be a cyborg,  drones,  or full on androids/gynoids.   The appearance can bare an exact likeness to a transhuman or can be very clearly robotic in nature.
They may have all the benefits of transhumanity,  but they often shrug off organics entirely. 
Hardmods are regarded with heavy suspicion by present day transhumanity.  Obvious hardmods are treated as something of relics of the past, more tools than monsters.  However some/many can still be actively hunted as a monstrous biomod would be.   
A hardmod that isn't obvious has better standing than a biomod,  but is still regarded as sub-human.   However,  they have a rising following as hardmods do not age at all.  In some areas,  humanoid hardmods are the higher class citizen.    In most they're laborers at best.   Pets or slaves elsewhere.  Or treated as monsters.
Hardmods range from obvious construction bot looking frames,  even actual vehicles and devices that had a consciousness in them for a variety of possible reasons (Like wanting a working body to perform a role for a job),  to more stereotypical "Robot person" bodies,  or the fully featured synthetic humanoids that range from looking like a cyborg or stereotypical android all the way to being indistinguishable to the eye or hands on inspection.
Hardmods can also include actual cyborgs.  The living who are heavily augmented with robotics.  To qualify as a hardmod cyborg and not just a Transhuman or Biomod with some metal,  a Hardmod cyborg would be someone with major replacements such as a whole spine and limbs.  

A "Hardmod" is a wide variety of artificial races,  and as such you can make up what sort of special characteristics you have.  What programs you have,  what kind of hardware you've got built in,  and so on. 


Race and Group information Gf5qdaq Race and Group information MyfVwJS
Race and Group information EFogm3c Race and Group information LmIhImE

Holomods are transhuman consciousnesses that are given form through the Augmented Reality network called The Grid.  In the past effectively everybody could see and interact with them,  and the Grid was used as an outright replacement of even wallpaper,  screens,  pictures,  signs,  and markings.  Back then it was no problem,  being a holomod was a perfectly valid alternative to gaining a body.    Holomods don't just reference Augmented Reality however,  but also entirely virtual bodies within virtual realities.   The Grid was almost everywhere humanity had traveled or claimed their own,   allowing very wide freedoms to a holomod.   Holomods who wanted to go "Off-grid" could utilize mobile broadcasters like small drones to serve as a focal point for them to explore.
Holomods are very rare in present transhumanity.   At least,  as far as interaction goes.   Most of transhumanity is incapable of seeing holomods anymore,  even those with implants in the past or organic alternatives.    Those who have some measure of remaining function to see into the Augmented Reality are regarded as seers similar to a "Witch" seeing ghosts.   
The Virtual Reality is now seen as an afterlife,  or a dreamland with the different Virtual Reality scenarios/games/places being spiritual or dream realms.    Few can access these virtual worlds however,  and delving into them is considered (And largely is) an out of body experience and likened to traveling to the spirit world.
Slain transhumanity becomes a Holomod and lives within the Virtual Reality.

A holomod in the physical world is comparable to a ghost.  They can't interact with things unless the thing is designed to do so or is itself also a part of the grid.   They can interact with other holomods as such,  of course.      A holomod in a virtual space would be like a normal person in that new world.     They may have to be concerned about rare anomalies that might disrupt the grid,  or malicious digital attacks.  Generally however, the grid is very secure and few things can compare to the strength of the god-like AI's that control it.


Race and Group information FkaC86h

Alien Origin:
Elevated are fairly rare in the present day.  Most don't even know what they are themselves.  Elevated are animals or decendants of animals who have been "Elevated" with full human intelligence,  often accompanied by a change in body to match but not always.  
Elevated are treated similarly to a witch's "Familiar" would be.  They're generally respected enough and unlike biomods or hardmods,  are not actively hunted purely based on the fact that they're elevated,  but may be hunted if the animal itself would be hunted.   An Elevated cat for example would simply be a desirable pet for some. 
They're regarded more comparably to slaves or servants than actual citizens in most places,  or pet-status family members.
Elevated who have humanoid bodies may be treated as a biomod,   but some elevated have fully transhuman bodies.
In the present day the technology for bodyswapping is largely lost,  but it's not all that rare to encounter new Elevated animals that remain in animal form without a new body.  The same plagues and functions that cause the spread of biomods can affect animals as well in different ways,  though not always.   The most common effect-  Elevating them.  "Waking" them up.

An Elevated is very similar to biomods,  but all elevated use to be literal animals that were risen in intelligence and/or physical evolution.    You could be a literal cat, with human intelligence.  Or a cat girl,  a cat who's intelligence was elevated and gained a body ranging from bipedal cat to a human with cat ears.  Who knows.


Race and Group information FkaC86h

Raptids are a race much like mermaids of folklore.  They have a humanoid upper body but from the waist down they have the body of a fish,  with a "tail" and fins.   Raptids have a massive degree in variation between many different "clans",  with most clans being very inhuman with the only similarity to transhumanity being the general shape,  but with added fins,  more scales,  horns,  claws, sharp teeth filled mouths and strange skin colors and textures.    A few clans look more human rather than less,  these species tend to be closer to the surface while they get more monstrous the lower you go (Generally).   One clan in particular is well known for their human beauty,  looking just like a whimsical mermaid fantasy. 
When they met with transhumanity they hit it off,  becoming accepted as part of "humanity" and vice versa.  The Raptids were already well prepared to accept another race due to the variety with their own,  and transhumanity was already raised to an even more accepting nature due to the prevalence of biomodding and body swapping.   Transhumanity adopted or even traded raptid bodies while raptids adopted or traded transhuman bodies,  with Raptids taking to the stars and transhumans taking to the seas to live with the raptids.   
In the present day,  raptids off their homeworld are treated as either monsters or beauties,  though they are the dominate race on their homeworld with new aerial Raptids capable of defying gravity mixed with a subpopulation of transhumans living on the land. 

Raptids can see in extremely dim light,  and very aware of changes in temperature, light level, and pressure giving them a sort of sixth sense like feel of their surroundings.
They can breath in fresh or salt water,  resist both high and low pressures,  swim at at 40mph up to 70mph depending on the individual / subtype of raptid.
Raptids may have horns,  more extensive / resistant scales,  bodies better for swimming,  and they may look like a typical mermaid all the way to looking like something from the deep ocean.  (Because they were).  

Raptids require a method of moving in air or by land to get around outside of ZeroG. A lot of Raptids became Biomods when joining transhumanity,  replacing their tails with legs, in rare cases tails that can mutate into legs,  or robotic tails that can shift to function as either legs,  wheels,  or levitation engines before the lost age.  

There are as many different types of Raptids as there are fish in the sea.  The only constant is the lack of legs upper arms (Some species of psuedo-raptids may not have developed legs,  but developed into a more predatory bestial route and are no better than a sea monster), as far as nature is concerned.  But many Raptids you might see on a civilized planet that was well colonized before the lost age may very well have legs.      Males are often significantly less human looking in most substypes of Raptids. 


Race and Group information OSANpNI Race and Group information HaHhwiN 
Race and Group information YDCxAEa Race and Group information 9ALfOjM

Shrooms are a race that was more recently discovered before the Lost Century.  They're a fungal race comprized of colonies that form a hive mind and survive by adapting to other life,  flora and fauna,  mostly fauna,  by embedding itself with their reproductive systems of a host animal to be born with the new generation as it becomes a part of the birth process.  When born,  the new Shroom has the genetics of the animal life,  including instincts.   This new animal, however,  is part of the hive mind and continues to reproduce and establishes a new branch of the Shroom species.
The shrooms did this with humans as well,  and in doing so the entire hivemind was woken up to a full sentience but with it also came the concept of individuality and self-awareness.   The Shrooms continued to use human reproductive systems for a time but eventually split itself off entirely and sought to make peaceful contact.    The relationship was shaky,  but the Shrooms never explicitly harmed anyone despite their invasiveness. 
With a heavy restriction on their breeding capacity worked in by human biomodding,  the Shrooms took to the stars and became a part of transhumanity. 
Now,  in the present day,  Shrooms seem to have been severed and divided.   They no longer have a larger hivemind,  centered instead around "Families" and individuals.  Shrooms that took to the stars have taken up different lifestyles on various planets throughout the universe where they were in the past with no memories of before the Lost Century just as transhumanity,  and as such do not identify with other variations of Shrooms and mostly focus on flora without many fauna adaptations anymore.
Shrooms off the home planet can be comparable to Dryads or treents,  but different species of Shroom have varying degrees of intelligence and a wide variety of individual formations.  Some can look very much like a human on the outside, while others can look like wooden sculptures,  and others may look like trees with human characteristics.  Some are hostile and spread like a corruption on the land and mindlessly seek to reproduce,  others are intelligent and live their own lives,  even establishing their own civilizations of sorts away from humanity, living in forests.

Shrooms do not have internal organs and cannot die unless completely eradicated,  incinerated,  liquefied,  vaporized,  ect.  No matter the damage they can continue to self-animate and regenerate over time,  though function can be ceased, a lost arm is a lost arm until repaired.  Shrooms can survive in a void,  and without water, air, or sunlight for months though they'll eventually be driven mad with an internal compulsion to survive that may drive them feral. 

Many strains of Shroom colonies are have traces of other species within them as part of their ancestry (Where their strain had mixed with other species of both flora and fauna in the past before joining with an intelligent species and producing its own independent strain of intelligent beings.).  You could find a Shroom person for example, who has toxins and thorns,   vines,  leaves,  wood,  fangs,  fur.  Perhaps even hooves for legs,  though generally focused on elements taken from different types of plant life.   Venomous stingers,  thorns,  fangs,  are relatively common offensive mutations in Shrooms exposed to violent environments. 

Shrooms are also capable of spreading subtle spores through the air and more rapidly through touch that very easily infect flora.  Trees, flowers,  plants of all kinds are very susceptible and rapidly get overtaken by the Shroom fungus which imparts a level of intelligence and responsiveness to the plant, making it almost like an extension of themselves responding to their will the way their own arm would.   The connection wears off after a few hours where the plant settles down into a passive state, but will quickly reanimate if re-exposed to any shroom's spores. 
Rare strains of Shrooms have been known to be able to overtake or at least poison living fauna, or just as worrying- dead fauna.   The vast majority of humanoid shrooms however,  do not possess this fauna-dominating characteristic and their spores quickly die off when inhaled or inserted within them. 


Race and Group information TlreoI2 Race and Group information 97LiWyR

Race and Group information HAzS6lG Race and Group information HMQ58aM

Non-playable race.
Wraiths are a new alien species that have no ties to transhumanity pre Lost Century.   They have no memory of the lost century or prior either,  but they appear to be born from the Wraithspace and possess their own technology in the form of "Prime Science",  technology utilizing gemstone like minerals within which are carved microscopic systems that permit a neurological control of aspects of reality... Their technology is comparable to magic. 
Wraiths look humanoid in body shape,  but shape is about all you can distinguish.  Wraiths look like silhouettes with very little definition to their body or hair.  The silhouette can be either of light or of shadow, while definition can be felt and seen subtly, especially up close.  Their hair is often long and whispy,  ethereal and seems less influenced by gravity.  The only parts of them that is clearly visible is often the inside of their mouths or other orifices,  glowing eyes, and the strange oddly shaped horns atop their heads that similarly seem to glow or malformed halos.   Some wraiths have claws as well which glow and resemble the same material of their horns or halo.  All wraiths have a "Cloak",  an ethereal visage reminiscent of wings that surrounds them,  that extends from and can sink back into their shadowy bodies. 
They produce little sound,  but when they are near there is a subtle ringing in the ears and a coldness in the air.
Wraiths avoid most humans,  and most humans think them demons or abominations like various biomods.  Despite that,  some wraiths do mingle with humanity though no human has seen the homeland of the Wraiths.    
The only real relations between Humanity and the Wraiths is through the Redwood Association,  or their descendants rather,   in a protection agreement in which Redwood (Which is regarded as the authority on dealing with "abominations" and "monsters" and matters of the spirit) clears the Wraiths name making it just as much a crime to attack a Wraith as it is to attack a human among other support,  in return the Wraiths cooperate with Redwood and share technology freely between the two.

Wraiths are capable of stepping through Wraithspace to travel apparently through walls and over large distances.   Wraiths also have access to Wraithstone crafting,  a process that can take weeks with effectiveness equal to their investment in the crafting.  

Born of Wraiths when they copulate with a human,  which causes a merge with the human that results in a fusion that appears to destroy the Wraith and leave the human in control of the new resulting being.  The wraith lives on inside them to a limited consciousness that can subtly give aid,  but the bulk of the Wraith's consciousness returns to wraithspace and recovers in time.   Daeva can then produce children of their own,  which results in another Daeva regardless of species of the non-Daeva partner.  (so long as they're capable of reproducing.)
Daeva have colored skin to varying intensities,  being vivid red, blue, green, purple, or so on,  or a fainter color like normal human skin stained a certain color.
Like Wraiths, they have an internal glow that can be seem most intensely from their eyes (Though yes, they are capable of suppressing the glow in their eyes but it requires a passive concentration akin to holding back your breath),  while a more subtle glow faintly shines from their orifices in general,  and they bleed either colored light, or colored shadows that match that glow,  and a faint ethereal smoke, mist, or vapor that faintly wafts off of them. 
Like Wraiths they can possess horns or halos of a variety of styles or sizes,  and like the "Cloak" of a wraith, they possess wings that can look feathery,  leathery, or something more like a dragonfly or butterfly.
Daeva have an intuitive understanding of Wraithspace to an extent that allows them to safely navigate it.   Unlike Wraiths,  they can't step into Wraithspace on their own however.  They can only do a half conversion,  which results in them phasing out some what leaving a three dimensional "Shadow".   This allows them to resist damage, move at a significant pace,  and fly with ease.  The "Shadow" matches their internal color, being either a radiant light,  misty specter,  or actual shadow.

Exposure to a Daeva's internal energy can heal sickness and injuries,  or cause sickness and injuries,  dependent on the intentions and emotional state of the Daeva, and they're often capable of generating an excess and projecting it but typically require a medium through which to channel it into to house that energy,  rather than projecting it through air akin to a Starling might.  Such objects might be regarded as "Cursed" or "Blessed". 


Race and Group information HQUYwYI Race and Group information BvsGZV1
Race and Group information 94wLpV4 Race and Group information S3GpKJe

Starlings are the name of those who have consumed a Starseed,  and have as such become something new altogether.
They have no set race exactly,  but all traits of their previous race are lost.  Even psychic or similar abilities,  only mental functions of Memory and Personality are the same.
Their previous race becomes visual only,  as their entire being becomes warped to mirror the element of the Starseed they consumed.

A Starling who was a Raptid,  would still look like a raptid.  However,  their body would be composed entirely out of, for example,  Tar,  Glass, or Plasma.  Their bodies can coalesce to mirror their past appearance or manifest to clearly portray their element.   This includes artificial parts.    Clothing and artificial bits will merge to become part of the body with prolonged contact,  but they can still "Take off" things- including their own limbs (which can regenerate after a few hours though temporary energetic projections can serve the function in the mean time).  When disguised/not showing this elemental body their powers are stunted and can't be projected beyond their inner workings,  only retaining personal abilities.  But once manifested they can do anything from throw fireballs to cause earthquakes.

This manifestation doesn't have to be total,  but just a hand, eyes,  hair,  or so on might manifest relevant to the action they are taking.  For example,  while delivering a powered up punch a stone starling's fist or whole arm might become stone.    A fiery starling's eyes may ignite as they cast a tight ray of flame from their eyes.

Starlings can't manipulate their element,  but can generate their element from their own bodies.   They can however manipulate their own generated elements.   A water starling might not be able to control a lake,  but they could create a lake and control that,  or introduce their own water to mingle with that lake and indirectly manipulate the water with their own to so something such as parting a river.


Race and Group information FkaC86h

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Race and Group information Empty Re: Race and Group information

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Non-Racial groups.

Forum administrator(s) can perform any other role but focus on their own role of managing the site mechanics themselves and some functions that require the admin panel. 
Moderators can approve applications,  move topics,  lock topics,  and other functions. 
Narrators are individuals capable of managing a Scenario topic.  They know the Mutants and Masterminds mechanics well and can guide other players as or in addition to managing their own custom scenarios they come up with tailored to player needs and desires to an extent.  
Narrators add uncertainty and risk to situations by having command over the setting itself and managing what it is people run into or what they find.  Player input it important,  and players can ask for certain details.  However,  when playing against a Narrator nothing is set in stone.  
Scenarios are required to progress in character growth mechanically.  By completing scenarios,  whether the IC mission itself is successful or not,  the players can earn additional Power Points (Starting at +1 and increasing to at most +15 for really long and engaging Scenarios.).   Having +15 power points from your power level raises your Power Level.
Scenarios can be strung together,  multiple scenarios becoming a Campaign
Isolated characters are semi-temporary characters made especially for a specific scenario in mind.  They can be made with special rules and restrictions on their character creation to perform certain roles or desired play for a scenario (Or Campaign(s)).   If for example normal characters started at Power Level 5,  an Isolated character might be able to start at Power Level 10, 15, or even 20+ for play within their Scenarios.
Isolated characters cannot RP outside of Scenarios.
Making an Isolated characters is the same as making a character for any other game of Mutants and Masterminds,  but the campaign happens to be hosted here in the universe of Infinite Reach.
Isolated characters can attempt to earn the ability to unlock their grouping and become a normal character,   or a normal character can be sacrificed to unlock the Isolated one (A PL 10 Normal biting the dust in favor of making the PL 10 Isolated your Normal.)
Noncanonical characters are characters that in some way aren't approved for standard play.   They are allowed to RP within the setting of Infinite Reach,  but are somewhat like the reverse of Isolated characters in that they cannot play Scenarios, only normal topics.  In addition to this however,  as their name might suggest,  these characters are non-canon.   Their topics have no true impact on the universe of Infinite Reach.  They can blow up a station or planet and it will be just fine for everybody else.   Canon characters can play with Noncanon characters,  but the actions and memories made within the noncanon topic persist only in other topics with that noncanon character.   The actions within a noncanon topic can't effect the canon character beyond them.
Like Isolated characters,  Noncanon characters can become normal.   Whether through getting actual approval,  finishing a character,  removing offending aspects of the character that do not work in the universe of Infinite Reach,  or otherwise fitting the standards for creating any other character.
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