Iona Matryx

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Iona Matryx

Post by Administrator Kate on Thu Oct 29, 2015 2:14 am

Base Identification Data-
Name:  Iona Matryx.
Chrono-Age:  Pre-LC.
Race:  Hardmod.
Gender ID:  F.
Sexuality:  No preferences.
Character Psyche Details-
Personality:  Iona is at her core a very lazy person.  She is unmotivated by life, though by no mean wishes an end to it and would gladly live in boredom for an eternity.  She's content to simply do nothing but this is only because she knows that no matter what is happening in the present, the future can always hold new novelties and hope for an entertaining tomorrow.  There is no surety in life and the universe is full of potential.  Despite her contentment and laid back overall outlook on life she can have her impatient moments and can feel a sense of stress when dealing with events,  as it disrupts the sort of flow of monotony which prevents her from fully relaxing until it is over with.

Iona can be very finicky regarding tasks and offers.   She likes to do things on her own time and doesn't like seeming eager to do something.   She may seem dispassionate but loves helping others if she feels like she can and loves doing things simply for the experience.   If something is a new experience for her,  she'd be much more likely to do it even if it seems like she's uninterested.   On the other hand if it is not a new experience she may drag her feet and be slow to participate or go out of her way to do so, and may require encouragement or incentive to do it.
One thing that comes with this is a near complete lack of greed.  She simply doesn't need things.  She's content with life as stated and not gaining something she wouldn't have anyway doesn't strike her as a loss.  She survived without it all this time and she can keep going on regardless.  It is really easy for her to turn down money as a result,  regardless of the sum.    While some people might salivate at the mere mention of a million credits,  you could taunt her with trillions and it is the same to her as though it were petty pocket change.

This is bypassed however if you can link it with something she might actually want,  in addition to a new experience and if it doesn't go against any morals.
Morals,  of which Iona has plenty.  While easy going and unmotivated,  she does hold a core set of values and ideals even if she feels she herself can't follow through with them.  She values life,  the lives of others even more than her own (Helps that she's immortal) and the only time she really goes out of her way for anything is if there are lives of non-assholes on the line.   Unlike most,  Iona is aware that there is a very real afterlife,  she sees fragments of it whenever she dies if even only for the briefest flash,  and has been there in the past when she first died and took a lot longer to resurrect.   As a result of this knowledge,  she can sometimes seem to abandon her value of life if pushed or annoyed.  While she might go out of her way to save an innocent or someone she likes,  she wouldn't be opposed to casually crushing the skull of an asshole.

A significant part of her unmotivated and lazy lifestyle is due to her opinion (Somewhat merited) that she has a complete lack of skills on top of a distaste for failing things or looking out of place.  She doesn't like to lose.  Just about all she is good at doing is punching things and as a result she does tend to go out of her way to find violence at times.   While some people might get a thrill out of a fight,  Iona still has her usual ease and is reckless due to her immortality.

Challenging opponents: Iona likes facing foes that can give her a run for her money,  make her work for victory.  If you can kill her,  regardless of how temporary of a state that is,  she may well respect that person even more.  But of course it's only fair that she repay the favor after giving them the courtesy of allowing them to explain themselves,  by force if necessary.  She doesn't want to end up killing someone who saw her as a threat and just got defensive in order to protect others.
Free time/Relaxation: Iona enjoys her free time.  She likes just taking the time to kick back, relax,  nap,  screw around listening to music or playing games, watching movies.  She doesn't physically feel fatigue,  but it's something that is enjoyable in and of itself to do.  Thankfully she can still feel even if she isn't subject to the necessities of organic life, she still likes to kick her feet up.
Music/Digital entertainment: Iona's favorite passtime is digital.  She likes interfacing with electronic devices and accessing the Grid in what ways she can manage to entertain herself with what the digital world has to offer.   Despite being able to play things herself,  she likes collecting old equipment and devices.  So while she could read data personally and play it in her head,  she likes wearing headphones and playing it the ancient/human way.  It has a benefit of making her feel and look a little more human.
Time constraints: Iona hates feeling like she's on a deadline or that her time isn't fully her own.  Knowing something is coming up is similarly agitating for her and leaves her a little stressed knowing that she has to be somewhere or do something later,  so she feels like she has to measure out time and that she can't do something that takes too much time.   It's limiting for her and a bother,  but not all that terrible.  Just an annoyance.
Expectations/Commitment: Iona hates feeling like people expect something of her and that she might not live up to those expectations.  This is mostly reserved for more social aspects.  Like if someone might expect her to behave a certain way,  do a certain thing or so on.  In a similar vein she hates commitment. She doesn't like saying she'll do something she doesn't know if she can or wants to do.  She doesn't like sealing herself in with her words or making promises she worries she can't keep or that simply will limit her options.  
Discrimination: Iona hates seeing or receiving discrimination.  It's senseless aggression and hate that breaks apart communities and society and in her mind,  discrimination is a tool of fools to outlet the sickness in their hearts.   All quote-on-quote "Intelligent" life is at risk of these feelings and desires to varying extents and they tend to take it out in the easiest ways they can manage no matter how petty they are for it.   Senseless hatred or animosity angers her,  or when humans behave like wild animals.
Remnants/GLASS: Iona has some worries regarding the Remnant,  of GLASS.  Being an artificial life form the potential is there for her to be irreversibly changed in some way if she ran into it by the single most technologically advanced entity humanity has ever seen.  Even if she were organic there is still plenty to fear of the Remnants,  but being artificial she feels like she just has that much more at risk.
Anti-AI Sentiments:  Iona,  and indeed most of transhumanity,  cannot tell the difference between True AI and humans who were hosted in artificial bodies.  Iona doesn't know if she was once human or if she is a "True AI",  and neither does society.  Anti-AI sentiments extend to people like her as a result and is itself violent discrimination at times.   She has some worries that this mindset might spread,  and some concerns over the militarization of the movements. 
Reversion/Mental degradation: Iona's one real fear for herself is that her mind,  her consciousness,  could be put at risk.  She tries to keep herself level headed and managed.  She keeps regular care for her mental health as she understands that the most likely way for her to wave goodbye to this life is through the loss of thought or self control.  Her body is one of the most sturdy she has ever seen let alone has the pleasure of inhabiting.   But her mind.  Her mind,  her ego,  consciousness.  Who she really is,  her very self,  is the same as any other sentient.
• Iona is heavily unmotivated.  She just simply likes living.  She wants to keep exploring the universe,  keep watching humanity grow and seeing the day to day of civilization and maybe add what little good she can to the world.
Quirks: *shrug*


Height:  7'5"
Weight:  433lbs
Hair:  Brown
Iona is a physically imposing woman standing much taller than most transhumans.  She has strong lean muscles that are well toned while her body is well proportioned despite her size.   She looks beautiful,  being designed that way,  despite her strength that would leave an organic creature a hulking abomination of muscle.  
Her size betrays her nature as a strong capable warrior,  sturdy and meant to be able to take a beating and dish one out all the same.  She could very easily be described as a "Super soldier" in stature,   as her well crafted body looks very organic and natural.  She looks very humanlike,  rather than a machine.
At her joints however can be seen the telltale signs of artificial life.  Around her body can be seen black bands,  some thicker than others,  some thin.  Some aren't even noticeable.  But when she pushes herself and the limits of her body these bands expand somewhat,  darken,   and along with hidden bands beneath her modified silicone "skin" light up with power.
When damaged one could see the black and silver machinations that form her interior,  her body seeming to emit a metallic mist around sites of injury rather than blood as her body quickly recreates itself until whole again.
Without her layer of skin,  her core frame and body structure is actually a black plastic-metal hybrid material.  Similar technology that drives Gravity Lances in the engines of starships powers her and fuels the strength she possesses.
Iona favors light looser clothing and likes showing off some skin.  The sort of attire seen in the image given is the general theme of clothing she prefers and frequently makes use of,  but by no means is she elitist about it.  She wears whatever seems appropriate,  she'll wear a dress if it is fitting and consider local fashion when choosing what to wear when going out and exploring a location.
Mods:  Everything about her is a mod.  Iona's body is entirely artificial,  she is a full gynoid. 
Face Claim: None. Zan by Sakimichan is used as representation.  

World Integration Details-
Affiliation: Star Forge Alliance, Forgelight Guardianship.
Homebase:  Forgelight Station.
Reputation: She has some reputation in Hephaestus as a "Guardian", largely in Kabeiroi with some bleed out to Aglaea and a few minor outlying habitats.  She is well known for her strength and common tale is that she is unstoppable and capable of ripping apart tanks with her bare hands.   She is fairly well known in particular for events on 
Iona "Woke" at the beginning of the Post-Lost era just as lost and bewildered as everyone else.  She was in the ruins of a facility on a dwarf planet in Kabeiroi's outer belt.  There were many dead bodies,  burned, incinerated,  sliced open.  Crushed.  Those who might have survived whatever murdered them were died when the facility was breached and life support failed.  Iona was not undamaged herself,  but was impaled by a metal shard that appeared to be fragmented off of a destroyed starfighter in the large ruined hangar she found herself in at first.  
She was stranded until she managed to get a less-than-ideal ship spaceworthy.  It didn't have functional life support,  but she did not need it.  The ship was enough to cruise around,  but Iona didn't know where to go.  Instinctively she knew this wasn't the only place.  She knew there had to be more people out there despite a total lack of memories.   For months,  years,  Iona lived a half-life of solitude in an airless ruin.  She had a lot of time to herself she used to pick through the ruins and scavenge.  
Freedom came eventually when excavating one caved in passageway in particular which lead to the communications center of the facility where she was able to see star charts and learn the location of Forgelight.   Rigging her patchwork tin-can of a ship for an adventure she took off to find this station and end her solitude.   The trip took years.  She didn't understand the ships systems enough to engage FTL, if it even had it.  Over a decade had passed since waking up until she was finally able to see another human being.
It was less than ideal circumstance of her arrival,  as the station was at war within itself and Iona was one of the first people to make contact with Forgelight since the end of the Lost Century.   She was an unknown,  an outsider.  No factions,  no ties,  no contacts.  She was an intimidating sight however from her stature and complete lack of understanding of how strong she was.   It was strange to her to be surrounded not only by strangers and the living for the first time,  but that everybody was so much shorter than her and so much more fragile.  
Fragile,  yet aggressive.  The humans were destructive and so quick to shed the blood of their own kind.  She wasn't about to set off back to the rock she came from,  this station was now her home whether they liked it or not,  whether she liked it or not.   She was here to stay and she got swept up in the fighting though she tried to refrain from picking sides of the conflict until she became more aware of the situation.  Several different sides knew of her entry,  she was a bit of a story and easily recognizable, being well known as "That outsider".  
Over the following decade Iona played her part in ending the conflict and establishing the "Star Forge Alliance",  middleground between all the warring factions of Forgelight.  With her help they had eliminated the more hostile and war-like faction that became a rogue bandit group thereafter.   The military supplies they had access to became Alliance property, not controlled by any one faction but lent out to "Guardians".  The Forgelight Guardianship was established as an emergency response group and an independent party neutral of all existing factions.   For her actions in the conflict she was labeled a Guardian and helped keep peace at her own pace,  not having much in the way of duties or responsibilities from the title but the agency to do as she wished with only a notifications system and occasional call for help or alert if she's in the area of something.
Aside from being a Guardian she mostly just tried to live her life on her own terms and spent the past decades roaming and trying new things.  Finding love, losing love,  going between jobs,  dealing with bandits and with social change. 
RP Sample
Character Capability Details-
From here on is the Mutants and Masterminds content.  This is the OOC meat of the character while the above is the IC meat.  Don't worry about the M&M stuff too much regarding the IC, it's use is mainly in building the character and their skills, feats, and powers as a reference point more than anything.

Character Sheet Link:  
Post a link to a Character Sheet for Mutants and Masterminds right here.
Character sheet source:

Starting Power Level:
The power level you're starting as.
Each power level gives 15 points.
Total Points spent: 150+35(Racial)+5(Fluff-Racial)+12(Template)
Points Remaining: 1

Strength: 20
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: -
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 18

Fortitude: 5
Toughness: 10
Will: 4
Reflex: 6

Total: 5
Defense bonus: 3
Dodge Bonus: 2
Size Modifier: -
Flat Footed: 3

Attack Bonus: 0
Ranged Bonus: 0
Melee Bonus: 10
Initiative: 2
Grapple: +15/31

+12 Notice. (13)
+12 Craft:Electronics (13)
+9 Knowledge:Physical Sciences (10)

All-Out Attack: Reduce Defense for Attack up to -5->+5
Attack focus (Melee) x10: +10 Melee attack.
Improved Critical (Unarmed) x18: 2-20 scores a Critical Threat using Unarmed attacks.
Fearless: Fear immunity
Power Attack: -5 on Attacks for +5 on the damage save.
Move by action: Move before and after a standard action, within move allowance.
Attractive 1
Takedown Attack 2 Move up to 5ft to strike a target from a fallen foe's position to get a free attack on another.
Fast Overrun.  Successful overrun attempt triggers a second attempt.
Improved Grab: Can immediately start a grapple when hitting with an unarmed attack.
Improved Grapple: Can grapple with 1 hand.
Instant Up: Get up from prone for free.

None.  She's her own equipment, sorta.

Drawbacks and Complications:

Can spend up to 35 points on an "augment/implant" device(s) or equipment.  
Immortality 25: Immediate resurrection.  Flaw: Uncontrolled.  (25 points)

Full Regeneration (Recover all 1/round without rest) Persistent, Regrowth, Noticeable. Innate.
Immortality (Resurrect in 3 seconds) 
Impervious Protection: +10 Toughness,  first 10 points of toughness are impervious (Attacks must exceed Imperviousness to harm.)  
Immunity to critical hits, Life Support (Environments, Disease, Poison, Breathing), Starvation & Thirst, sleep Innate.
Super-Strength: +80 STR Carry capacity, heavy load: 13.1k Tons, +16STR to some checks involving sustained strength and pressure, including grapples and breaking objects.   Innate.
Super-Senses: Direction sense, Distance sense, Time sense, ultra-hearing, X-Ray Vision.  
Speed: 50mph 440ft/round. Innate.
Datalink.  10ft. Machine Control. 
Leaping 4: x25 Jumping.  Running Jump: 375ft.  Standing Jump 187ft.  High jump 93ft.   Alternate:  Flight 4: 100mph.  Limited- Only works in Low Gravity or Zero-G.
Metamorph 1: 1 form. 1-way transformation 2 (Hours + External effect before returning to normal)  Iona "Rampant"

Carrying Capacity: 4.4k tons light load.  8.7k tons medium load.  13.1k tons heavy load.   26.2k tons maximum load.   Push / Drag 66.5k tons.    Throwing Distance: 13.1k tons 5ft.   100lbs 947 miles.  10lbs 2367.4 miles.
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