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Post by TJs on Sat Jan 24, 2015 3:58 pm

Welcome to The Almanac, a record for many biologically creations.

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The Reshiri (Plural form of Reshiram) appears to be some kind of large Dromaeosauridae, or a bird-like theropod. They have very many avian-like features, with only its long tail, its snout filled with razor sharp teeth, and still not fully developed wings giving away its more primitive nature. They are primary covered completely by white feathers, with long filoplumes on they're heads and lower back, with shorter filoplumes covering the rest of their necks. The tail end of a Reshiram has a slight fan out with several long feathers before leading out into the creature's long tail to help it keep balance. A Reshiram typically has one of two eye colors, either a light blue or a blood red. Underneath the feathers is a charcoal patch color of skin; however, the skin on its feet are a tarnished orange.

The Reshiri have very little in terms of differences between the two genders, only being able to truly tell the difference between the two genders with the average height. On record, a fully grown Reshiram could be anywhere from about nine feet in height to more than seventeen feet in height, with the females typically being the larger of the two. Typically, from the tip of their snout to the end of their tail, a Reshiram can be anywhere from fifty feet to almost seventy feet. Note, that this is only what has been recorded. Being a newly created species, its unknown what the true extents of their size can be. Their weight can vary greatly, but the average lies somewhere between six hundred pounds and nine hundred pounds, with females being a tab bit more muscular than males.

The Reshiri tend to stick to being a lone creature, claiming a large space of land as territory if released into a suitable habitat, and are not none to be a very social creature. They are ferocious predators and have even adapted to become scavengers to help fuel their high metabolism. While they can be ferocious on the hunt, Reshiri don't seem to be very aggressive towards other creatures, not even other Reshiri unless they pose a threat. Not much is known about the breeding habits of these creatures, due to their lonesome nature and becoming much more aggressive incapacity. It's not even known how many young a Reshiri gives birth to, but it has been determined that they are viviparous, giving birth to live young instead of eggs.

The Reshiri have some distinct features that make them stand out far from any other similar creature before it. They contain two organs within their body that contain two separate chemicals. The liquids are propelled up together as they travel into the mouth of the creature. The liquid is propelled with enough force to spray itself into the air, mixing with available oxygen and combusting into flames. The sacs can hold a gallon of each chemical, and reacts very efficiently, able to spray for almost a minute straight while producing an intense flame. The organ can replace the liquid, but emptying the entire sac would leave it without a flame for several hours. The Reshiri are also fully capable of flight, having a wing span of more than thirty feet for the smallest of adults.

While they haven't able fully studied, it appears to be that the intelligence of a common Reshiram is quite high, but not at a sentient level. They're almost comparable to that of a chimp, with some calmer captive species showing the ability to recognize and communicate with their captors.

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