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  • Kabeiroi

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  • Kybier

    The bright star in the center of Kabeiroi. This also covers the surrounding Inner Belt, a highly dense asteroid field surrounding the star relatively close by astronomical standards. Close enough that asteroids regularly get pulled in to 'fall' towards the star and the asteroid belt gets stirred by solar storms.
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  • Sutrok

    The closest rocky planet to the sun. It's almost borderline with the Inner Belt of asteroids. It's surface is scorched and molten with high tectonic activity, with the ground visibly shifting and seas of magma cover the majority of its surface. What atmosphere it manages to retain is very variable, unstable, and lethal.
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  • Reikyva

    The second rocky planet in orbit. Reikyva is a much more stable planet compared to Sutrok, but retains heavy volcanic activity. 50% of the planet surface is covered in molten lava and the atmosphere is thick and obscures the sun. It's a favored mining planet and the atmosphere is close to breathable and is free of radiation. Certain specialty suits are capable of filtering the air to the point that it is breathable making habitat creation just a teeny bit less hazardous. Some "Cold spots" on the planet make it easier to land and establish colonies.
    Heavy and frequent storms on the other hand make up for it however, as intense winds sling toxic gasses and shards in the air.

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  • Theris

    A rocky desert planet that is nearly habitable. It is very barren but boasts some extreme alien plantlife that has adapted to rivers of a water-like liquid unknown to Earth that has the same states of matter and cycle of evaporation and cloud coverage. This liquid is silvery and has harsh effects on biological life from off-world where it withers flesh in seconds.

    Biomodding proved difficult but some success allowing small colony attempts without the use of habitats. After the lost century, those colonies still exist in a tribal civilization that reverted to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, with scarcity meaning that no tribe can grow too large or risk unsustainability. The shells of long forgotten spacecraft, mining facilities and the advanced civilization of the past lay in ruins, abandoned.

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  • Lokir

    Lokir is a huge gas giant 2.1* the size of Jupiter for comparison. It's purplish in color with red and yellow stripes. It has a large space station in orbit with 3 icy moons while floating bases skim the atmosphere.
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  • Selipri

    Selipri is a colossal gas giant twenty times the size of Jupiter. It's on the far edge of the system and causes distortions in the outer asteroid belt as it travels. Its highly energetic and by all means should have ignited into a star, but an odd moon seems to siphon energy from it, igniting itself instead like a miniature star itself. This moon retains a crystalline solid surface despite the blazing atmosphere upon which some research habitats were established that interact with orbiting platforms and drill into the moon's interior.
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  • Forgelight Superstation

    Forgelight Superstation is a megalithic space station/habitat located in orbit around Selipri. This station rivals the size of Selipri's moon and is large enough to influence the moon's gravity even in the face of the mega-giant of a planet itself. Boasting a population of millions with the capacity for billions, Forgelight is one of the largest structures and one of the most populated population centers outside of Sol. It's self-regulating and can operate itself thanks to extensive virtual intelligence and no one knows how to control the station since the end of the LC. As a result coupled with its size, the station has several factions tenuously keeping civility between one another in a UN-like arrangement.
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